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Charcoal dryer machine

Charcoal briquette drying machine made is widely applied to dry up coal briquettes, ore briquettes, iron briquette, charcoal briquettes, etc. It consists of carbon steel mesh conveyor, hot air pipe inside, rollers for mesh belt conveyors inside, draught fan, etc. After producing briquette from the briquette machine, you can use a dryer machine to dry them.
Because of conveyor mesh belt dryer can work continuous, safe, with high production capacity, so it is quite popular all over the world. 

Charcoal dryer machine Description

1) Charcoal briquette drying machine made in Dongfang Factory can have various layers. Normally, three or five layers are most popular.
2) Each conveyor mesh belt layer has an adjustable-speed motor. In this way, conveyor mesh belt conveyor can be moved evenly. 
3) In order to improve conveyor mesh belt conveyor's drying effect, our conveyor mesh belt dryer has many hot air pipes to ensure every place in the conveyor mesh belt dryer can be spreaded hot air evenly.
4) Conveyor mesh belt conveyor is not connected with heater directly. We use draught fan to suck hot air from heater and then convey hot air to drying drying part. So it is quite safe to operate conveyor mesh belt dryer.

Model Unit AGHD-60ELC AGHD-120ELC
Functions   Heat dry, Cool dry, Dehumidify Heat dry, Cool dry, Dehumidify
Temperature Control 18~80℃ 18~80℃
Humidity  Control (%) 5%-99% 5%-99%
Dehumidification Capacity L/h 18 L/h 36 L/h
Rated Power Input kW/h 5.6 kW/h 11.5 kW/h
Rated Current Input A 12 A 20 A
Voltage/Frequecy   380V/3/50Hz/60Hz 380V/3/50Hz/60Hz
Compressor Brand   Copeland/Scroll Copeland/Scroll
Net Weight kg 206 kg 378 kg
Gross Weight kg 286 kg 460 kg
Dimension LxWxH mm 1440*1300*1250 mm 1600*1400*1530 mm