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Adult diaper machine

1. Full servo auto controlling system and 500-600 pcs/min high speed production.
2. With elastic fabric ear. Or elastic waistband, or pants type diaper for easy put on-off.
3. World famous brand components.
4. Easy Operating interface.
5. Can add optional functions and parts for detecting products, counting or stacking and packing etc.

Adult diaper machine Description

1.  The machine can produce four sizes (M.L.XL) adult products.
2.  High speed teeth-like crusher can take treated and untread pulp.
3. Adopt PLC control system.
4. Safety protective door. 
5. Automatically stop the machine when material is broken or used out.
6. Human machine interface is controlled by touching screen..
7. Most electric components are famous international brand.

Model CDH-6A
Designed production speed 250PCS/min
Stable production speed  150-200 PCS/min( the medium size)
Machine power 380v ,50Hz
Machine capacity 200 kw (excluding the glue applicator power).
Glue Applicator 7 sets. 25kgs with 2 sets, 18kgs with 5sets.
Wasted products rate ≤ 2%kw(excluding the breakout for glue applicator and raw material)
Product specification  M, L, XL
Overall size 28m×4m×3.7m(L*W*H)
Direction of machine from left to right